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 Childhood is an amazing period of life for every person. In every family, there are many stories but few are based on the presence and activities of ghost. Children do believe such stories and become afraid but they always ask each other with exclamation, ghosts are they real? It is not a funny question because there is a group of people who do believe on the presence of ghosts. They say that they have really seen and experienced real ghosts. When we become grown up we realize that those stories are up to you whether they are mythical or not. Don’t be frightened. They are some writers of real life ghost stories who have also experienced them. These stories can be believed if any one has ever seen real ghost photos.

Few years later the researchers and few believers in ghosts have published real ghost pics. These were displayed on news papers and also internet. There are still many web sites providing the clips of real ghosts caught on camera. There are many approaches toward the presence of the ghosts. Many people take the risk of experiencing to call a ghost that is not more than a risk.

There are many people who have experienced it. They tell their stories and their stories can be read at internet. Internet has always provided us with latest information and the archives show that the real ghost tales are always written and published by the writers. These tales are very scary. One can find many reviews and articles about the ghosts.

All the activity attracts them. That's where I ran into Barbara Stanwyck (who died in 1990). I came around a corner and she was standing there. All I could get out of my mouth was, "Oh, my gosh, there's Victoria Barkley!" I couldn't remember Barbara Stanwyck's name, but she played Victoria Barkley on "The Big Valley."

I was with a couple of younger people, and they went, "Who?" "Barbara Stanwyck!" I said. And they said, "Who?" Gosh, did that make (Stanwyck) angry. She was just a little-bitty thing, but she put her hand on her hip and jutted her jaw, like, "I'll tell them how many movies I made." I said, "It's not me, I know who you are!"

She didn't want to cross over because she didn't like the way the studios are handling things and the (behavior) of actors. I told her, "If you let me make the light for you and you go into it, you'll have much more control." She looked at me and said, "Hmmm, I don't know if I believe you or not." And I said, "OK – and who's the last live person you talked to that heard you?" Finally, she said, "OK, make me that light." I hope she's happier wherever she is

What ghost ? scientific concept


NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer has lifted the veil off a ghost known to haunt the local universe, providing new insight into the formation and evolution of galaxies.

The eerie creature, called NGC 404, is a type of galaxy known as "lenticular." Lenticular galaxies are disk-shaped, with little ongoing star formation and no spiral arms. NGC 404 is the nearest example of a lenticular galaxy, and therefore of great interest. But it lies hidden in the glare from a red giant star called Mirach. For this reason, NGC 404 became known to astronomers as the "Ghost of Mirach."

When the Galaxy Evolution Explorer spied the galaxy in ultraviolet light, a spooky ring materialized.

"We thought this celestial ghost was essentially dead, but we've been able to show that it has an extended ring of new stars. The galaxy has a hybrid character in which the well-known, very old stellar population tells only part of the story," said David Thilker of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. "It's like the living dead."

Thilker and members of the Galaxy Evolution Explorer team spotted the Ghost of Mirach in images taken during the space telescope's all-sky survey. The Galaxy Evolution Explorer is a relatively low-cost NASA mission, launched in 2003, with an ambitious charge to survey the entire visible sky in ultraviolet light, a job never before accomplished. Because Earth's atmosphere absorbs ultraviolet photons -- a good thing for us living creatures who are susceptible to the damaging light -- ultraviolet telescopes must operate from space.

The first images of the Ghost of Mirach taken by the Galaxy Evolution Explorer hinted at a surrounding ultraviolet-bright extended structure. Subsequent, longer exposure observations indeed show that the lenticular galaxy is surrounded by a clumpy, never-before-seen ring of stars.

What is this mysterious ultraviolet ring doing around an otherwise nondescript lenticular galaxy? As it turns out, previous imaging with the National Science Foundation's Very Large Array radio telescope in New Mexico had discovered a gaseous ring of hydrogen that matches the ultraviolet ring observed by the Galaxy Evolution Explorer. The authors of this Very Large Array study attributed the gas ring to a violent collision between NGC 404 and a small neighboring galaxy 900 million years ago.

The ultraviolet observations demonstrate that, when the hydrogen from the collision settled into the plane of the lenticular galaxy, stars began to form in a ghostly ring. Young, relatively hot stars forming in stellar clusters sprinkled throughout NGC 404's ring give off the ultraviolet light that the Galaxy Evolution Explorer was able to see.

"Before the Galaxy Evolution Explorer image, NGC 404 was thought to contain only very old and evolved red stars distributed in a smooth elliptical shape, suggesting a galaxy well into its old age and no longer evolving significantly," said Mark Seibert of the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution of Washington in Pasadena, Calif. "Now we see it has come back to life, to grow once again."

"The Ghost of Mirach has been lucky enough to get a new lease on life through the rejuvenating, chance merger with its dwarf companion," added Thilker.

The findings indicate that the evolution of lenticular galaxies might not yet be complete. They may, in fact, continue to form stars in a slow, piecemeal fashion as they suck the raw, gaseous material for stars from small, neighboring galaxies. It seems the Ghost of Mirach might act more like a vampire than a ghost.

Real Ghost

These were taken at my house in North Carolina. We moved into an old farm house about three months ago. As soon as I steped foot in the house I had a heavy uneasy feeling. Since then I am seeing things and hearing things. I finally told my daughter about it and then 5 days later we were having a birthday party for my oldest son and taking photo's... I couldn't believe what I seen in them. My grandaughter seems to be looking at a ghost.-quote.



As for the astral realm-

Yea ghosts are real IMO. I can see out of my third eye from time to time..things appear differently than they do with the other two eyes. Because you are seeing vibration, and almost like colorful , electrostatic pictogram- or if full vision (as I often do coming out of the astral) just like normal vision but much more "vibrating" everywhere. The reasons for that are obvious (the third eye is obviously not an eye, but the pineal function of the mind which can "interpret" data the other two eyes cannot).

Yea ghosts are real, but I don't tap into those realms- there is no need (for me). Some people, some called "mediums" see/feel them very often, I know one or two of these people. It's an interesting thing- but to me the Ghost phenom is nothing paranormal to me anymore. Like when I was younger I questioned it alot and wondered if it was truth- when you explore the astral, or experience other things of similar nature- there is very little "doubt" in your mind anymore lol. It is the common stereotypes, even amongst the new age crowd that i have to disagree on.



Contrary to popular opinion, the afterlife isn’t above nor below us, in fact, my insights into the afterlife as a ghost whisperer reveal it co-exists with the world we live in. The Afterlife isn’t just rolling hills and a white mist, like we see in most movies or Hollywood renditions. It does have places that may remind you of Heaven or the Elysian Fields, but it also is home to villages, towns, cities, etc. There are jobs and learning facilities, places to eat and even the occasional bar. It is very much like the world where we live, except without all the violence and anger. From what I understand there is no War on the Otherside(s).


Kristen Sheley Gets A Full Body Apparition! Undisclosed theater in Sacramento, CA. Sheley his not new to ghost hunting. She is The - Historian / Investigator for H.P.I International

I grew up in Beaverton, Oregon, a suburb of Portland that is best known for being the World Headquarters of Nike. After an uneventful childhood, I went off to college at the University of Oregon to earn a journalism degree. Then, jaded by the world of contemporary media, I earned a Masters of Education to teach high school English. A job offer took me from my hometown to Sacramento in 2003, and I`ve been here since. In my ``free`` time, I write fiction and am the author of a YA series called ``Partners in Time``, which you can easily find at the local, Barnes & Nobel, etc.

Regarding ghosts, I have been interested in those since I can remember. I was quite the reader as a child and devoured fiction and non-fiction books about haunted places and ghosts. For a time, my mom fretted about me because the non-fiction books on ghosts were set next to books on demons and the occult in our local library. As I grew up, I collected articles in The Oregonian newspaper about haunted locations (local or otherwise) that were printed, usually around Halloween, and loved the show ``Unsolved Mysteries`` for the occasional pieces they had about haunted places. In high school, I spent a semester doing a 60 page research paper on ghosts, impressing a teacher who thought that the selection of such a topic would not be taken seriously.

During my teenage journalistic endeavors, I wrote a story about the haunted McLoughlan House in Oregon City , Ore. for my high school`s newspaper, interviewing the curator-at-the-time about her experiences there. I also wrote a story about the haunted auditorium in South Eugene High School for the UO`s student newspaper, after a tip from a college roommate, and was able to track down a student who had possibly captured the ghost on film. Please also see: Ghost may haunt South Eugene High School


This photo was taken at Corroboree Rock at Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia in 1959. What does not seem to be a trick of light and shadow is a human form, semi-transparent, wearing what looks like a long white dress or gown. More curious, the figure seems to be holding something in the manner that a person holds a camera or binoculars.

One posssibility is that this is a double exposure of a living person. In 1959, this image would have been captured on film.

If it is not a double exposure and this is a spirit captured on film, then a number of questions arise: What is the entity looking and why? Do they have cameras and binoculars in the afterlife? Or is this an instance of a time slip in which the camera has recorded a scene from a different time?

It has even been speculated that this figure might actually be a time traveler or interdimentional being, who has been photographed in the act of watching us!


Authorities have warned people to stay away from the Decebal Hotel -- because construction was taking place on the 150-year-old building. What they didn't warn people about was the ghost. The spirit of a tall woman in a long white frock has long been reported at the spa. The hotel in Romania is rumored to hide ancient Roman treasure, and the ghost, it is said, appears to protect it from treasure hunters.

Only anecdotal evidence for this ghost existed until 2008 when 33-year-old Victoria Iovan snapped this photograph, which indeed seems to show the ghostly image of a tall figure in long white garb. "I photographed my boyfriend in the hotel," said Iovan. "Back home I was shocked to see another woman's shadow in the picture. She looked like a priestess in long white clothes."


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